Our Clients

“Dominique is a true professional. Our CIW work is grounded in complex academic research that needs to be communicated and understood by diverse audiences ranging from policymakers, community partners, funders, to everyday Canadians. Over several years, Dominique has played a key role in writing and editing a range of materials for us including magazine articles, government consultation documents, our national and provincial series of wellbeing reports, and as media support for launches. Dominique’s drive and enthusiasm for the CIW has also reinforced for us, our work’s significance to social progress in Canada. In other words, she has provided much more value than we ever knew we needed. Thank you!”

Linda McKessock, National Program Manager
Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) at the University of Waterloo

“In the time that I have known Dominique, her ability to listen and assimilate information into a cohesive plan is an extension of her character. It is truly a talent to absorb information and amass individual ideas into a blueprint which can be embraced. Dominique is a loyal custodian with much passion and skill to offer any employment situation. She is trustworthy and a team player and works well in difficult conditions. Possibly, Dominique’s most noteworthy attribute is her interest and understanding of the dynamics and fundamentals of fundraising and building relationships of mutual benefit. Dominique takes the time to ensure both the facts and aspirations align in a manner that creates credibility for benefactors and recipients alike, a task often ambiguous and misunderstood.”

Glenn MacDonell, President & CEO
Special Olympics Ontario


“Dominique is such a valuable and knowledgeable asset to our team.  She is able to transform a complex set of data or information into a compelling narrative in an easy to read format. Her dedication and personality made it pleasure to work with her and we are looking forward to our next project together!”

Erin Kasungu, Manager Shared Value
Community Foundations of Canada

IMPACT! The Co-operators Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership

“Dominique, Thank you for your experience, commitment and enthusiasm that you brought to IMPACT! this past weekend and throughout the planning stages.  The leadership you displayed was amazing and your Communications Team certainly felt the same – well done! We have received so much positive feedback on IMPACT! and I know that the communications was a large part of that success.  The Co-operators is fortunate to have such a talented person like yourself be a part of this program. Thank you again being such an important part of IMPACT! and for being such a great supporter. I hope that you will be able to remain a part of IMPACT! in some way as your future unfolds.”

Barbara Turley-McIntyre, Leadership Director, Sustainability
Chair IMPACT! The Co-operators Youth Program for Sustainability
The Co-operators Group

The Co-operators

“Dominique demonstrates a unique ability to quickly assimilate an organization’s business needs and issues.  This was recently evidenced by her facilitation of an important member relations consultation.  Her participation made a positive and valuable contribution to our process and we look forward to our ongoing relationship and future opportunities to collaborate.”

Carmel Bellamy, Director, Corporate Governance & Co-operative Relations
The Co-operators Group

Women In Crisis

“Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis hired Accolade Communications to create a Community Relations & Fundraising Plan. Dominique assembled a team to conduct community thought-leader research, to propose new messaging, to conduct staff and Board training and to produce a 3-year plan. The result was beyond our expectations. While respecting who we are, Dominique helped us to see ourselves differently and to position ourselves for success. As a result, our community support and funding has increased. Dominique made us believe it was all possible and helped us reach that goal!”

Sly Castaldi, Executive Director
Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

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