Workshops & Seminars

A seasoned speaker, teacher and trainer, Dominique will ensure your training needs are met. In addition to the workshops below, Dominique has taught: Public Relations introductory courses, Public Relations Writing, Government Relations and Public Affairs, and Employee Communications. You can be confident your workshops will contain information that is actionable and grounded in theory and research.

Les ateliers sont aussi disponibles en français.

Framing your Message for Media & Government – 3 hours

As a lobbyist, Dominique translated the language and issues of financial service, waste management and retail clients so they would be compelling to legislators and decision makers and provided road maps to drive successful legislative and regulatory change. This introductory workshop helps organizational boundary-spanners:

  • Understand the needs and priorities of  a media or government audience
  • Frame your message in a compelling way that is a win-win for all parties
  • Develop an effective contact plan
  • Identify strategic communication and relationship building opportunities

Please note: all workshops can be tailored to address specific needs or projects. Please contact us to discuss how you can derive the maximum benefit from your training investment.

Mastering Media Relations 

A former national spokesperson for a $6 billion dollar organization, Dominique has been on the receiving end of thousands of media requests and stresses the importance of being prepared to address emerging issues. She has delivered media training to hundreds of participants, often in collaboration with leading national journalists and professional videographers. Grounded in theory and experience and buttressed by on-camera practice and coaching, this workshop can be tailored to meet your particular needs.

  • Want to successfully pitch your product, event or message?
  • Need to know how to advance your position in a contentious situation?
  • Do you have key messages prepared for contentious issues that may be percolating now?
  • Are your messages compelling, credible and complete?
  • Is your executive team prepared to communicate in a crisis?
  • Full day (Max. 6 participants) or Private Half-day (Executive)

Mastering the Elevator Pitch – 3 hours

Dominique uses persuasion and communication theories to help you develop an elevator pitch that is accurate and authentic. There’s no need to repeat the same, robotic statement or to stick to one framework. Instead, develop your key messages. Punch up your language. Chose a framework that works for you, and share the excitement you have for your product, idea or cause. No more boring cocktail parties! Get to the heart of why you’re passionate about what you do.

Teams will also enjoy this custom-tailored workshop because they don’t have to parrot corporate speak. By the time the workshop is finished, everyone on the team will have developed and practiced their own “pitch,” and their own story to tell.

Building Trust Within and Between Organizations – Customized

For more than 20 years, the Edelman Trust Barometer has documented the decline of trust in media, government, charities and businesses around the world.  When trust erodes, productivity slows, verifications increase, contracts get more complicated and relationships break down. The erosion of trust is a serious bottom-line, performance and human issue. Based on her Master’s research and current findings from Edelman and the CanTrust Index, Dominique leads a customized, dynamic, hands-on workshop that helps management understand the cost of distrust and the levers at their disposal to restore or to build trust.

  • Understand why trust is a critical bottom-line issue and risk management imperative
  • Identify and appreciate their role in restoring and building trust
  • Identify and assess the formal and informal mechanisms in their organization that influence trust (structure, monitoring, contracts, budgets and resources, role clarity, norms, values, joint planning and problem-solving, communication, front-line training, reputation)
  • Begin to draft an action plan to restore or build trust