Wishing you Fair Skies Butterflies! Thoughts on Perseverance

Biomimicry is all the rage so imagine for a moment that you are a Monarch butterfly. It’s been a year of big changes for you.

Wishing you fair skies, butterflies!
Not so long ago you were a caterpillar happily munching on leaves, sunning yourself in a comfy garden patch. Maybe you were a big insect in your tiny patch. Then there was the metamorphosis and now, you’re still trying out your new wings. The occasional gust of wind can turn your world upside down and you’re finding out about the wider world. Maybe you’re feeling pretty small in that big sky.

Out of the blue, you suddenly realize: you have to fly to Mexico. Perhaps you think to yourself :

“Ummmm…. Really? Mexico? Do you know how far that is? Maybe I could make it to Southern Ontario or New York State but Mexico??? That’s unimaginable… That’s  impossible! It’s just too big a challenge.”

Despite the enormity of the task something compels you to start on the journey. It feels lonely sometimes. Some days you are buffeted by winds and rainy days delay your progress but you still keep going… somehow. Most of the time you’re not even sure where you’re going…but at least you’re making progress. At some point you find others making a similar journey. They too are persevering , moment by moment, day by day, incrementally moving towards their final destination.  And one day you realize “I’m going to make it”. Not only are you going to make it but there will be friends along the journey and friends to greet you when you arrive at your destination. You were made for this!

I thought about this today when I saw little monarchs floating on the breeze. I thought about friends who are on a similar journey
and I wanted to say: I’m  wishing you fair skies, little butterflies and there will be a serious margarita party when we get to our version of Mexico.

Published by Dominique O'Rourke

Public Affairs professional, City Councillor, MA Leadership graduate, problem solver and lifelong learner.

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