Even I can make a map in Google Maps!

I am not particularly tech savvy. Imagine my surprise to discover that I CAN make a Google Map for Guelph’s upcoming Random Act of Kindess Day on November 9th. (Shameless plug #1).

Random Act of Kindness Day promotional cardIn previous years we simply listed the locations where people could pick up their Random Act of Kindness Day cards ahead of the day. A number of business help to distribute the cards along with all City of Guelph locations, churches, schools, etc… The cards just say “You have been touched by a Random Act of Kindness. Please Pay it Forward” and list the date of the event (Shameless plug #2).

The address list is a little ho-hum and not really helpful if you’re trying to find something close to you so… drum-roll please… I discovered this easy video.


I think this is very cool and I hope it can be useful to you too. Check in later to find out where you can pick up Random Act of Kindness Day cards – they’re great for client appreciation, team building, community building, and more! (Shameless plug #3)


Published by Dominique O'Rourke

Public Affairs professional, City Councillor, MA Leadership graduate, problem solver and lifelong learner.

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