Art: Instant empathy booster

I am currently working on a project about art and its impact on community belonging – one of the most significant determinants of well-being. That’s how I came across a book called Gifts of the Muse* which explores the personal and social benefits of exposure to – and participation  in- art. One aspect that intrigued meContinue reading “Art: Instant empathy booster”

Recognizing what’s invisible

Who are you most likely to nominate for an award? The volunteer who is visible at events or the treasurer doing the accounting at home in the evening? Will you applaud the parent who is reading in classrooms by day – the one the teachers are raving about – or the one typing up meeting minutes afterContinue reading “Recognizing what’s invisible”

To two famous Colonels & to art: Happy Canada Day!

Last week, Canada’s Governor General unveiled a statue of famed WWI poet – and Guelph son – Col. John McCrae to commemorate the 100th anniversary of In Flanders Fields. While McCrae is now world-famous for penning the poem on the battle fields of Ypres, Governor General David Johnston pointed out that he was one of the bestContinue reading “To two famous Colonels & to art: Happy Canada Day!”