Special Olympics +an Open Letter to Ann Coulter = A lesson in communications

Source: An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

This week I read an extraordinary blog post written in 2012 by John Franklin Stephens, a Global Messenger for Special Olympics. It was his response to Ann Coulter’s use of the R-word in a tweet after a Presidential debate during the last election.

While the Twitterverse reacted with vitriol and personal attacks on Coulter, John wrote a response that was:

  1. thoughtful
  2. engaging
  3. informative
  4. respectful
  5. challenging
  6. inspiring

While so many took an instant, 140 character low-road, John took a day to reflect and to refine. He took the high road and chose to educate.

Integrity is vastly more effective than an immediate, angry tweeted response.

How often do you read a blog post and come away with a fine example of communications, a new perspective and a new hero? This piece did that for me.

Respect. It’s the new R-word.


Published by Dominique O'Rourke

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