9 critical questions to help you build trust

At a Giving Tuesday panel a few weeks ago, I was asked to talk about trends in trust and how to build it… in three minutes. Since the timeline was a little tight, I thought I’d round out the conversation here 🙂 First: Trust in institutions is declining globally and in Canada It’s well establishedContinue reading “9 critical questions to help you build trust”

Special Olympics +an Open Letter to Ann Coulter = A lesson in communications

Source: An Open Letter to Ann Coulter This week I read an extraordinary blog post written in 2012 by John Franklin Stephens, a Global Messenger for Special Olympics. It was his response to Ann Coulter’s use of the R-word in a tweet after a Presidential debate during the last election. While the Twitterverse reacted with vitriol and personal attacks onContinue reading “Special Olympics +an Open Letter to Ann Coulter = A lesson in communications”

Key to leading in crisis? Build trust now

Three months ago, the City of Guelph mourned the death of local police officer, Jennifer Kovach, who was killed when her police cruiser collided with a city bus on her way to a call. According to Lt. Col. (retired) Angelo Caravaggio, former Director of the Centre for National Security Studies at the Canadian Forces College inContinue reading “Key to leading in crisis? Build trust now”

Help! Does this definition capture organizational trust?

I’ve been asked to submit my definition of organizational trust for consideration in a publication. While scholars haven’t nailed it down in 20 years. I thought I’d give it a shot based on my research and blog posts. Do you think this captures it? What would you change or add? How could I make itContinue reading “Help! Does this definition capture organizational trust?”