Enough with the rampant sexism…please

I want to know: is there one sector where we don’t find rampant sexism? When is this going to stop? Who’s going to show leadership in the boardroom, the classroom and everywhere in between?

I really don’t have to write anything. Just scan the headlines:

Those are mostly stories of women doing their jobs. Sometimes we’re just walking around, travelling, attending class. There are stories about a woman assaulted while sleeping on a plane and the many,  many stories about sexual assaults in cities. Too many to list so but here’s just one: Edmonton wants a safer city for women; police still searching for assault suspect. You can find your own version in a city near you – Burnaby, Toronto, Ottawa. Not to leave out the hundreds of Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women.

When will 50% of the population be treated with the dignity it deserves? First – and most importantly – because we are humans. We are your mothers and sisters. We are half the work force and, often, more than half of consumers.


Published by Dominique O'Rourke

Public Affairs professional, City Councillor, MA Leadership graduate, problem solver and lifelong learner.

3 thoughts on “Enough with the rampant sexism…please

  1. Often, women are left alone to stand in front of sexual misconduct or sexist comments. Sometimes, we are desperately looking around for a gentlemen to help stem an individual’s sexism. The battles won by the feminists in the last Century were won with the help of gentlemen who stood alongside activist women.

    1. Hi Manon,
      We are in this together, I agree. But I grit my teeth when issues raised by women are not taken seriously until men say they need to be taken seriously. Honestly I’ll take progress on this front no matter how it is achieved.

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