Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.

How do you become an astronaut when you’re born before space travel? How do you build a real-estate empire when you’re born in a refugee camp and married off at the age of 15?  Two women I’ve met in the last few weeks set their sights on an “impossible” dream and achieved it. How? BigContinue reading “Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.”

Book Review: The Confidence Code: The science and art of self-assurance, what women should know

Last week, prodigious reader, blogger and my good friend, Susan Gibson, was very kind to invite me to submit a guest post for A Year of Books Blog. It was a nice throwback to the years we were MA students together, discussing our latest journal articles and theories of leadership. Check out her blog andContinue reading “Book Review: The Confidence Code: The science and art of self-assurance, what women should know”

Archived: What my Mom taught me about leadership

My Mom: The first person I laid eyes on, the first person to guide me by the hand, my first love and my first model of leadership. While I didn’t know it as a child and disregarded it as an adolescent, my Mom taught me a lot about leadership. Like most great leaders, she never sat me […]

Shake the giant on #IWD2017

As I write this on International Women’s Day, I am not feeling particularly optimistic for my gender. Women in Halifax are protesting the acquittal of a cab driver who raped an intoxicated, semi-conscious woman. There are simultaneous inquiries into missing and murdered indigenous women, into uninvestigated sexual assault cases, and into rampant sexual harassment inContinue reading “Shake the giant on #IWD2017”