Insights, introverts and index cards

Before I started teaching a new PR class last year, I wanted to improve the classroom environment for people with different styles. The previous semester was my first teaching experience and the class included lots of debate, group work and presentations. As the semester clipped along, the same handful of students were always raising theirContinue reading “Insights, introverts and index cards”

How to have better holiday conversations

“Would you please pass the gravy?” or “So, how are things?” are not good conversation starters. You can do better and have a much better time at any holiday when you start having meaningful conversations. As my gift to you, and to myself, I’m recycling one of my favourite posts. It’s always appropriate and since I wrote it in April 2012, myContinue reading “How to have better holiday conversations”

Five ways to amp up your holiday conversations

This holiday season if you ask better questions than “How’s work?”, “How are the kids?” or “Would you please pass the yams?” you will be rewarded with vastly more interesting conversations. Originally published in April 2012, this blog post has been one of my most popular. I reuse ornaments so I thought I’d dust off this post as wellContinue reading “Five ways to amp up your holiday conversations”