Insights, introverts and index cards

Before I started teaching a new PR class last year, I wanted to improve the classroom environment for people with different styles. The previous semester was my first teaching experience and the class included lots of debate, group work and presentations. As the semester clipped along, the same handful of students were always raising theirContinue reading “Insights, introverts and index cards”

Guest Post: Resilience – The Power of Bouncing Back

Thursday Guest Post My friend and classmate Glo Higdon provided great advice on resilience in her trueblisscoach blog earlier this week. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, a coach, scholar and lifelong learner who never fails to bring new insights and practical research-based suggestions to timeless challenges. With her permission, I have reposted it below inContinue reading “Guest Post: Resilience – The Power of Bouncing Back”