Why returning ribbons is cheap, disrespectful and destructive

I’ve been troubled by the story of NFL player James Harrison returning his kids’ participation trophies since it surfaced in August. CNN called it his “war on the trophies kids get for simply showing up and playing a sport.” The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker says he’s very proud and supportive of his children, but believes everything in life should be earnedContinue reading “Why returning ribbons is cheap, disrespectful and destructive”

12 Lessons from my MA Leadership

Sitting in the lecture hall the very first night of the residence week that kicked off my 20-month MA Leadership program at the University of Guelph, I thought: “What will this mean to me. Will I be delivering the intro next year? What will be the focus of my research?”  Sitting in the convocation hallContinue reading “12 Lessons from my MA Leadership”