Why returning ribbons is cheap, disrespectful and destructive

I’ve been troubled by the story of NFL player James Harrison returning his kids’ participation trophies since it surfaced in August. CNN called it his “war on the trophies kids get for simply showing up and playing a sport.” The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker says he’s very proud and supportive of his children, but believes everything in life should be earnedContinue reading “Why returning ribbons is cheap, disrespectful and destructive”

What our collective minds could do together!

Have you ever been in the company of a group of people that you think, collectively, could solve – or at least make some serious headway- on some of the world’s most wicked problems? I had such a priviledge on Wednesday when classmates from my MA Leadership program gathered at the University of Guelph to share the resultsContinue reading “What our collective minds could do together!”

22 Benefits of Inter-Organizational Trust Week 4 of Twelve Weeks to Trust

Welcome to Week 4 of the Twelve Weeks to Trust Series. In the past few weeks we’ve covered the declining state of trust globally, core concepts and types of trust, and why inter-organizational trust is key to partnership success. While week 3 provided high-level findings on the macro-level benefits of inter-organizational trust, this week sharesContinue reading “22 Benefits of Inter-Organizational Trust Week 4 of Twelve Weeks to Trust”