The best fatherly advice my LinkedIn connections ever received

A few weeks ago, my LinkedIn connections shared the best advice their Dads ever gave them. While Dads come from all educational, professional and cultural backgrounds, some advice, like the importance of teamwork, is timeless and universal. And, as Dr. Sylvain Charlebois pointed out, the source of the advice really makes a difference. Many peopleContinue reading “The best fatherly advice my LinkedIn connections ever received”

10 leadership lessons from my Dad

My Dad, Robert J. O’Rourke, passed away on April 20. In his last days, more than 60 people came to the hospital to express their love and to say goodbye. A dozen more sent email, video or voicemail to let him know what he meant to them. Over the course of those final days andContinue reading “10 leadership lessons from my Dad”