10 leadership lessons from my Dad

My Dad, Robert J. O’Rourke, passed away on April 20. In his last days, more than 60 people came to the hospital to express their love and to say goodbye. A dozen more sent email, video or voicemail to let him know what he meant to them. Over the course of those final days andContinue reading “10 leadership lessons from my Dad”

So focused on the solo that you’re missing the harmony?

A few years ago I changed denominations and joined a new church. At first, I was so eager to fit in that I focused on singing the hymns I knew and appearing like I knew what was going on. One Sunday there were a few hymns that I didn’t know, and really couldn’t fake, soContinue reading “So focused on the solo that you’re missing the harmony?”

8 Leadership Lessons from Masters Swimming

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I recently completed an MA in Leadership. The two years of reading,  writing, stress and late nights meant I spent a lot of time sitting so I re-gained a “Freshman 15” that I am trying to shed.  With this goal in mind, I joined a MastersContinue reading “8 Leadership Lessons from Masters Swimming”