Book Review: The Confidence Code: The science and art of self-assurance, what women should know

Last week, prodigious reader, blogger and my good friend, Susan Gibson, was very kind to invite me to submit a guest post for A Year of Books Blog. It was a nice throwback to the years we were MA students together, discussing our latest journal articles and theories of leadership. Check out her blog andContinue reading “Book Review: The Confidence Code: The science and art of self-assurance, what women should know”

Proud contributor to: Trust Inc. out today!

  About twelve years ago I became fascinated by trust – what builds it, how to measure it, what erodes it. Just over two years ago I wrote my major research paper on the key factors of inter-organizational trust for my masters degree. That research was the genesis of the Twelve Weeks to Trust blog series,Continue reading “Proud contributor to: Trust Inc. out today!”

Lincoln, the reflective leader

There’s a great scene in Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. It’s immediately after the Confederate army has surrendered and crowds have gathered outside the White House waiting for Lincoln to speak. “The crowd is crazy to touch President Lincoln, to see him, to hear his voice. They continue calling out to him,Continue reading “Lincoln, the reflective leader”

Required summer reading list for Canadian leaders

Political and business leaders of Canada, no beach reads for you! Politicians, you have dragged trust through the mud this year: Robocalls and electoral fraud, negative and cynical ads, Senate expense scandals, construction kickbacks and municipal corruption, alleged crack parties. Come on! Shame on you! Business leaders can’t be too smug either. Recently, SNC-Lavalin announced a three-monthContinue reading “Required summer reading list for Canadian leaders”