Is the Senate scandal a supercharged change management tactic?

I’m appalled by the antics in Ottawa right now. They erode trust faster than a wave on a sandcastle. But I want to know why it’s happening. Why did the Conservative government draw attention to Senate expenses now? They had to know about lax and unequally applied regulations. They had to know that funding improprieties would draw questions aboutContinue reading “Is the Senate scandal a supercharged change management tactic?”

Required summer reading list for Canadian leaders

Political and business leaders of Canada, no beach reads for you! Politicians, you have dragged trust through the mud this year: Robocalls and electoral fraud, negative and cynical ads, Senate expense scandals, construction kickbacks and municipal corruption, alleged crack parties. Come on! Shame on you! Business leaders can’t be too smug either. Recently, SNC-Lavalin announced a three-monthContinue reading “Required summer reading list for Canadian leaders”

Failing grade for trust in Canadian political institutions in 2012

Robocalls directing voters to incorrect polling stations, massive kick-backs to corrupt federal and municipal officials … this doesn’t sound like Canada does it? Sadly, it’s not been a great year for trust in Canadian politics. Our officials and wanna be leaders have done it to themselves and stuck us with serious costs in the process. LivingContinue reading “Failing grade for trust in Canadian political institutions in 2012”