Respond to the global trust crisis: 12 Weeks To Trust now updated

Forbes Magazine declares: “Trust is the New Core of Leadership”. The Edelman Trust Barometer touts trust as “an essential line of business.” While we affirm the importance of trust, trust in governments, businesses, the media and even NGOs is declining globally. While there is an abundance of information about building inter-personal trust, information for building maco- […]

10 Ways to Build Trust: Stop shaking hands. Start making plans

Oh my poor, neglected blog! I thought I would share with you this video of my 5-minute talk about building trust through structures at Ignite Guelph 4 last October.

Failing grade for trust in Canadian political institutions in 2012

Robocalls directing voters to incorrect polling stations, massive kick-backs to corrupt federal and municipal officials … this doesn’t sound like Canada does it? Sadly, it’s not been a great year for trust in Canadian politics. Our officials and wanna be leaders have done it to themselves and stuck us with serious costs in the process. LivingContinue reading “Failing grade for trust in Canadian political institutions in 2012”

Ivan Krastev’s TedTalk on Trust, Transparency & Democracy

While I’ve not blogged about my interest in politics – not partisanship- this TedTalk by political theorist Ivan Krastev hit the jackpot with me: trust, politics and how transparency is not the solution! And, it’s funny… well, some parts are funny others are daunting and a little depressing. I’ll let Mr. Krastev do the talkingContinue reading “Ivan Krastev’s TedTalk on Trust, Transparency & Democracy”