Eleven Leadership Lessons from the Co-operative Model

Forget the caricature that all co-ops are crunchy granola communes. The co-operative business model is found in all sectors from large financial institutions and global retailers to funeral co-ops, communications firms, health clinics, day cares and book stores. Collectively, Canadian co-operatives and credit unions boast 18 million memberships and an asset size of $330 billion – yes,Continue reading “Eleven Leadership Lessons from the Co-operative Model”

Lookin’ for Leadership in all the wrong places

Harvard Business Review blogger, Ron Ashkenas, asks: Where Have All the Leaders Gone? He writes: “According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Kennedy School last year, 68% of Americans believe that there is a “leadership crisis” in the country; and leaders in only four out of thirteen sectors inspire above average confidence (the military,Continue reading “Lookin’ for Leadership in all the wrong places”