Art: Instant empathy booster

I am currently working on a project about art and its impact on community belonging – one of the most significant determinants of well-being. That’s how I came across a book called Gifts of the Muse* which explores the personal and social benefits of exposure to – and participation  in- art. One aspect that intrigued meContinue reading “Art: Instant empathy booster”

Why blame?

When I was out for a walk last night, a lovely family of four was biking along a path at the top of the hill on the horizon. Suddenly, the little girl – obviously a new rider of perhaps six or seven years old – fell off her bike. She didn’t even appear to wobble,Continue reading “Why blame?”

The power of conversation: Vital Youth

Accolade Communications had the honour of working with Community Foundations of Canada on their 2012 Vital Signs Report titled #GenerationFlux: Understanding the Seismic Shifts that are Shaking Canada’s Youth. I not only had the opportunity to learn about a very timely subject, I also re-learned some broader lessons. Challenge old assumptions Beyond the content ofContinue reading “The power of conversation: Vital Youth”

Ivan Krastev’s TedTalk on Trust, Transparency & Democracy

While I’ve not blogged about my interest in politics – not partisanship- this TedTalk by political theorist Ivan Krastev hit the jackpot with me: trust, politics and how transparency is not the solution! And, it’s funny… well, some parts are funny others are daunting and a little depressing. I’ll let Mr. Krastev do the talkingContinue reading “Ivan Krastev’s TedTalk on Trust, Transparency & Democracy”