Drop the negative. 8 ways to move from can’t to can.

People consider the CN Tower climb and say: “I could never do that.” So they don’t try. It’s such an imposing sight they don’t realise that the average climb takes 30-40 minutes. I can tell you that I am no athlete and I’ve done it twice in 24 minutes or so. In fact, the time youContinue reading “Drop the negative. 8 ways to move from can’t to can.”

Difference between dead and dormant- Leadership lessons from a hibiscus

A few weeks ago a Twitter tip read: “Stop watering a dead plant.” True, you have to stop expending effort and resources if they don’t pan out. However, what if you are wrong? What if you have simply failed to see the potential? What if the problem is you and your incorrect assumptions?   Last year,Continue reading “Difference between dead and dormant- Leadership lessons from a hibiscus”

The power of conversation: Vital Youth

Accolade Communications had the honour of working with Community Foundations of Canada on their 2012 Vital Signs Report titled #GenerationFlux: Understanding the Seismic Shifts that are Shaking Canada’s Youth. I not only had the opportunity to learn about a very timely subject, I also re-learned some broader lessons. Challenge old assumptions Beyond the content ofContinue reading “The power of conversation: Vital Youth”

Put down the “smart-phone” and ask a great question

At a business lunch, I noticed that almost everyone left their phones on the table in front of them. Are they waiting for someone more interesting to call? In a pub on St. Patrick’s Day, at least half the people were holding phones, telling others… what? That they are having such a great time? IfContinue reading “Put down the “smart-phone” and ask a great question”