8 Leadership Lessons from Masters Swimming

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I recently completed an MA in Leadership. The two years of reading,  writing, stress and late nights meant I spent a lot of time sitting so I re-gained a “Freshman 15” that I am trying to shed.  With this goal in mind, I joined a MastersContinue reading “8 Leadership Lessons from Masters Swimming”

What our collective minds could do together!

Have you ever been in the company of a group of people that you think, collectively, could solve – or at least make some serious headway- on some of the world’s most wicked problems? I had such a priviledge on Wednesday when classmates from my MA Leadership program gathered at the University of Guelph to share the resultsContinue reading “What our collective minds could do together!”

Guest Post: Resilience – The Power of Bouncing Back

Thursday Guest Post My friend and classmate Glo Higdon provided great advice on resilience in her trueblisscoach blog earlier this week. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, a coach, scholar and lifelong learner who never fails to bring new insights and practical research-based suggestions to timeless challenges. With her permission, I have reposted it below inContinue reading “Guest Post: Resilience – The Power of Bouncing Back”