Sometimes the GPS is wrong: set your own course

The voice seemed to grow more insistent: “Take exit on right.” “Make a U-turn.” Did I imagine the “Recalculating” sounded irritated? Derisive? I could clearly see that I was on the right road no matter what the ‘voice’ next to me said. Undeterred, I was certain the GPS was going on old information. Sometimes people in our lives areContinue reading “Sometimes the GPS is wrong: set your own course”

Embrace…then delegate… the New Year’s Re:solution

Why do we roll our eyes when we contemplate New Year’s resolutions? They are a moment when we’re honest with ourselves about a particular aspect of our lives that could use some improvement – be it fitness or an underwear drawer that could use an overhaul. Resolutions are an acknowledgment of a need to improveContinue reading “Embrace…then delegate… the New Year’s Re:solution”