How is framing your message for media or government like E-Harmony?

Media and government relations and dating sites like E-Harmony both involve: identifying key people with shared interests deeply understanding the other’s background and needs positioning yourself for joint success building relationships Build your Contact Plan In both media and government relations, mapping out a comprehensive contact plan is an important place to begin. For media,Continue reading “How is framing your message for media or government like E-Harmony?”

Wishing you Fair Skies Butterflies! Thoughts on Perseverance

Biomimicry is all the rage so imagine for a moment that you are a Monarch butterfly. It’s been a year of big changes for you. Not so long ago you were a caterpillar happily munching on leaves, sunning yourself in a comfy garden patch. Maybe you were a big insect in your tiny patch. ThenContinue reading “Wishing you Fair Skies Butterflies! Thoughts on Perseverance”

Lookin’ for Leadership in all the wrong places

Harvard Business Review blogger, Ron Ashkenas, asks: Where Have All the Leaders Gone? He writes: “According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Kennedy School last year, 68% of Americans believe that there is a “leadership crisis” in the country; and leaders in only four out of thirteen sectors inspire above average confidence (the military,Continue reading “Lookin’ for Leadership in all the wrong places”

Just Ask: The Secret Source of Power

Fact: people who ask for help accomplish more. And, since power is the ability to get things done, people who ask for help enhance their personal power. Why is asking so powerful? People are flattered when they are asked to help. Flattery builds rapport and we are predisposed to help people we like. People areContinue reading “Just Ask: The Secret Source of Power”