Benediction… share a “good word”

I’m not sure why after almost 40 years of churchgoing I had never thought about the word ‘benediction’. I’m the type of person who’s really into words, puns, double-entendres, last names that were originally medieval trades – that type of thing. So how is it I thought of benediction strictly as a special blessing at theContinue reading “Benediction… share a “good word””

Eleven Leadership Lessons from the Co-operative Model

Forget the caricature that all co-ops are crunchy granola communes. The co-operative business model is found in all sectors from large financial institutions and global retailers to funeral co-ops, communications firms, health clinics, day cares and book stores. Collectively, Canadian co-operatives and credit unions boast 18 million memberships and an asset size of $330 billion – yes,Continue reading “Eleven Leadership Lessons from the Co-operative Model”

For International Women’s Day! 5 minutes for 3 women who changed the world

modified from January 12, 2012 It’s the first time that three women share the Nobel Peace Prize and their stories are of amazing leadership that brought an end to decades-long dictatorships. So why are they nowhere to be found on Barbara Walter’s list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011? Arguably, their contribution isContinue reading “For International Women’s Day! 5 minutes for 3 women who changed the world”

Embrace…then delegate… the New Year’s Re:solution

Why do we roll our eyes when we contemplate New Year’s resolutions? They are a moment when we’re honest with ourselves about a particular aspect of our lives that could use some improvement – be it fitness or an underwear drawer that could use an overhaul. Resolutions are an acknowledgment of a need to improveContinue reading “Embrace…then delegate… the New Year’s Re:solution”