Enough with the rampant sexism…please

I want to know: is there one sector where we don’t find rampant sexism? When is this going to stop? Who’s going to show leadership in the boardroom, the classroom and everywhere in between? I really don’t have to write anything. Just scan the headlines: Law: Hearing to begin for Alberta judge who asked sex assaultContinue reading “Enough with the rampant sexism…please”

Have you ever asked: What did your Mom teach you about leadership?

When I was working on my last post What my Mom taught me about leadership, I asked some friends what their Moms taught them about leadership. I heard the best stories about militant Moms, Moms who volunteer, entrepreneurial Moms, and I’m sure that there are many more great stories of courage and grace. This little questionContinue reading “Have you ever asked: What did your Mom teach you about leadership?”

What my Mom taught me about leadership

My Mom: The first person I laid eyes on, the first person to guide me by the hand, my first love and my first model of leadership. While I didn’t know it as a child and disregarded it as an adolescent, my Mom taught me a lot about leadership. Like most great leaders, she never sat meContinue reading “What my Mom taught me about leadership”

Lingerie Leadership: Women Only!

If you haven’t already done it, sister, it’s time to spring clean your skivies drawer. Just as warriors put on their armour before a great battle, you may want to pay attention to the first signals you give yourself in the morning.  “I’m totally worth it!” or “I’ve got it going on” kicks your day offContinue reading “Lingerie Leadership: Women Only!”