Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.

How do you become an astronaut when you’re born before space travel? How do you build a real-estate empire when you’re born in a refugee camp and married off at the age of 15?  Two women I’ve met in the last few weeks set their sights on an “impossible” dream and achieved it. How? BigContinue reading “Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.”

Leadership Wisdom from Canadian Olympians

This is not the post I had planned to write.  Originally, I was wondering whether we let ourselves off the hook when we say “it’s the journey, not the destination” because, frankly, I’m pretty sure the Olympians want to perform at their peak at the destination too. I was thinking: It’s the journey AND theContinue reading “Leadership Wisdom from Canadian Olympians”

Lingerie Leadership: Women Only!

If you haven’t already done it, sister, it’s time to spring clean your skivies drawer. Just as warriors put on their armour before a great battle, you may want to pay attention to the first signals you give yourself in the morning.  “I’m totally worth it!” or “I’ve got it going on” kicks your day offContinue reading “Lingerie Leadership: Women Only!”