A Little Hiatus & Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

A little Hiatus I am sick with a really bad cold on a really busy week. Since I don’t understand why sick people go to work when they should just focus on getting better, I will resume Twelve Weeks to Trust next week. I’m also quite certain that no one’s world will crumble if theyContinue reading “A Little Hiatus & Giving Credit Where Credit is Due”

Guest Post – Finding Your Passion

Thursday Guest Post Having worked with Brenda, I can attest to her talent, her contagious passion and her transformative energy which have already touched and transformed so many lives. She is a stellar example of someone who leads by influence and example rather than by authority (although her personal training clients may beg to differ).Continue reading “Guest Post – Finding Your Passion”

Lingerie Leadership: Women Only!

If you haven’t already done it, sister, it’s time to spring clean your skivies drawer. Just as warriors put on their armour before a great battle, you may want to pay attention to the first signals you give yourself in the morning.  “I’m totally worth it!” or “I’ve got it going on” kicks your day offContinue reading “Lingerie Leadership: Women Only!”