Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.

How do you become an astronaut when you’re born before space travel? How do you build a real-estate empire when you’re born in a refugee camp and married off at the age of 15?  Two women I’ve met in the last few weeks set their sights on an “impossible” dream and achieved it. How? BigContinue reading “Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.”

Drop the negative. 8 ways to move from can’t to can.

People consider the CN Tower climb and say: “I could never do that.” So they don’t try. It’s such an imposing sight they don’t realise that the average climb takes 30-40 minutes. I can tell you that I am no athlete and I’ve done it twice in 24 minutes or so. In fact, the time youContinue reading “Drop the negative. 8 ways to move from can’t to can.”

Re:Solution … Make a plan not a promise

There’s no shortage of posts, articles and tweets debating the pros and cons of making a New Year’s resolution. It’s a silly debate because it’s not about the resolution, it’s about the outcome. People aren’t averse to setting goals, they’re afraid of failing. So instead of making a promise, make a plan. In her column, Take a Flying Leap, inContinue reading “Re:Solution … Make a plan not a promise”