Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.

How do you become an astronaut when you’re born before space travel? How do you build a real-estate empire when you’re born in a refugee camp and married off at the age of 15?  Two women I’ve met in the last few weeks set their sights on an “impossible” dream and achieved it. How? BigContinue reading “Big Dreams. Hard Work. No Excuses.”

It came to me in a dream: “focus”

It was such a vivid dream. I am racing through a mall at lunch time carrying lots of packages when I see a colleague from another department in what appears to be an upscale salon. She is overseeing a video shoot featuring our CEO. (In my real world, every aspect of this is totally absurd. I hate shopping,Continue reading “It came to me in a dream: “focus””

Guest Post – Finding Your Passion

Thursday Guest Post Having worked with Brenda, I can attest to her talent, her contagious passion and her transformative energy which have already touched and transformed so many lives. She is a stellar example of someone who leads by influence and example rather than by authority (although her personal training clients may beg to differ).Continue reading “Guest Post – Finding Your Passion”

Do you Wordle? Generate a Word Cloud in minutes

You’ve seen the cool word clouds on posters, web-sites, greeting cards, … but do you know how to make one? Check out for a quick and easy word cloud. Paste in a bunch of text or a url. Within seconds Voilà! Your word cloud. The program automatically excludes common words like “the”, “or “,Continue reading “Do you Wordle? Generate a Word Cloud in minutes”