You can’t just talk trust… you must act

I was reading Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” and came to the part that talks about the major levels of the brain. “The newest area of the brain, our Homo sapien brain, is the neocortex, which corresponds with the WHAT level. The neocortex is responsible for rational and analytical thought and language. The middle twoContinue reading “You can’t just talk trust… you must act”

Key to leading in crisis? Build trust now

Three months ago, the City of Guelph mourned the death of local police officer, Jennifer Kovach, who was killed when her police cruiser collided with a city bus on her way to a call. According to Lt. Col. (retired) Angelo Caravaggio, former Director of the Centre for National Security Studies at the Canadian Forces College inContinue reading “Key to leading in crisis? Build trust now”

Failing grade for trust in Canadian political institutions in 2012

Robocalls directing voters to incorrect polling stations, massive kick-backs to corrupt federal and municipal officials … this doesn’t sound like Canada does it? Sadly, it’s not been a great year for trust in Canadian politics. Our officials and wanna be leaders have done it to themselves and stuck us with serious costs in the process. LivingContinue reading “Failing grade for trust in Canadian political institutions in 2012”

Book Review: Smart Trust

If you read only one book on trust-building, this should be it. It’s timely, practical and compelling .- me     I don’t say that lightly, I’ve read a ton of articles about trust. You’ve also read my review of Onwards so you know I don’t sugar coat it. I also don’t receive any compensation for myContinue reading “Book Review: Smart Trust”